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Break Out of the Box

One of the most life-changing things for me was starting to understand what a huge impact judgements were having on my life. Both my own and others’ (or what I concluded their judgements would be). And in reality, judgements are an illusion. It is a way that we categorize things to more easily interact with the world around us. Fat. Skinny. Black. White. Gay. Straight. Democrat. Republican. Over and over again we place ourselves in boxes, allowing others to form opinions on who we are based on our boxes. How radical would it be if we threw the boxes away? What would the world look like? We ask race and gender on job and school applications. Why? What on Earth does race or gender have to do with education and job experience. These things do not indicate how well we learn, or how well-suited our skills are for any given job. We are pressed to register for a party. Republicans vs. Democrats. Conservative vs. Liberal. And all four are dirty words depending on who you talk to, and what box they put themselves in. Why do we do this?! Let’s look at the voting history, hear policy plans, and listen attentively and actively to their composure and philosophy during debates. And let’s vote on the candidate that best aligns with our values.

If we lessened our need for boxes, maybe we would see more candidates break with their party on certain issues because they are voting their conscience. What if we were able to stop the “us” vs. “them” mentality. There would be less fighting, conflict, and violence. What would the world look like if we truly realized that we are all connected. There have been a million studies about connection done all over the world such as the Seven Degrees of Separation that prove that we are all connected.

We waste so much energy arguing and trying to get others to align with our opinions. WHY?! Don’t believe in God, cool. I do, but your belief is not my responsibility, and we are still two parts of the whole. Don’t believe in abortions, don’t have one. Would I personally have an abortion? No. Nor would I stand outside a clinic and shame a woman who made a different choice. The majority of contention in this country really just boils down to judgements. An “us” vs. “them” and a demand that others align themselves with our opinions. More for them doesn’t mean less for us. There is no them and us. Not really. Those are the familiarity of the boxes talking. Think outside the boxes. No BREAK out of the boxes and claim your individuality. Dare to explore and interact with people and the world on your own terms. Just try it. Go on! Try it. What’s the worst that can happen…? Trust me, there will be no judgements here…😊

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